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1. Applicable Scope
The energy–saving three-layers revolving cylinder dewaterer is energy–saving and high efficiency drying equipment which is ameliorated from the traditional high moisture material dryer, and has now reached the international advanced level through constant modification. It can process not only high moisture material with low viscosity but also those with high viscosity. This machine is applicable to dewatering all kinds of mash and residues with water content less than 85% such as brewery mash, alcohol mash, fruit residue, gruffs, saccharified residue, fecula, poultry dung, tailings, etc, and it has a good effect on exploring new feed resource, reducing the raising cost, and lessening environmental pollution.
2.Mechanical Structure and Operating Principle
The material is fed by feed device to the inner layer of the revolving cylinder where forward flow drying is realized, the material is repeatedly shoveled and dispersed by the lifting plate to do heat exchange in screw movement forward. Then material moves to another end of the inner layer and enters the middle layer, where counter flow drying is realized, and the material is winnowed repeatedly and makes its way two steps forward and one back. During this period the material can fully absorb the heat given by both the inner and middle revolving cylinder, and at the same time the drying time is extended, which can make the material perfectly dried. The material moves to another end of the middle layer and falls into the out layer, where the material makes its way in form of rectangle multiple chains, and finished drying material moves rapidly and is discharged out of the drum under the action of the heat wind, while the moisture material can not move fast because of deadweight, and is fully dried inside the rectangle lifting plate.
3.Two Great Advantages and One Disadvantage
1.With a equal production, this machine is characterized by less room taking, easy for transporting and installation.
2.Sufficient in heat exchange: the heat exchange between the material and the heat air is realized by reciprocal and cross motion in the direction of forward flow, counter flow and again forward flow, with long time of heat exchange, and the water evaporated from the material inside the inner revolving cylinder is directly exhausted by the fan, therefore the heat utilization rate is high.

3.Once the lifting plate is damaged the maintenance becomes quite inconvenient.
4.Technical process

Technical Parameter

Specifications Model Theory moisture content transpiration rate (Kg/h) Tube body size(m) Dry air traffic(m3/h) Energy consumption (Kcal/h)
 DLST-160 500   1.6*6.0 8000 495
DLST-220 1000  2.2*7.5 12000 998
DLST-300 2000 3.0*10 21300 1960


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