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1. Application and Operating Principle
There are hydraulic press and mechanical press types of alternating press dewaterer. This machine adopts hydraulic press. The hydraulic pressure is provided by the hydraulic station and up and down traveling of the hydrocylinder is controlled by the hand-directional valve. The water is pressed out by a huge external force formed during the down traveling of the hydrocylinder, thus realizing dewatering. And in course of the up traveling of the hydrocylinder, the material is pushed out of the feed box and discharged out manually, while the other feed box is pushed into the hydrocylinder, the alternating press operation completes in this way. This machine is applicable to dewatering of bean dreg, cassava dreg, starch alike.
2. Main Characteristics
The production is improved twice for adopting bi- box alternating feeding, discharging and pressing. This machine is of easy operating and maintenance, firm and durable, as well as a greater pressing force and high production efficiency.
3.Process chart

1.Hydraulic station 2.Hydraulic cylinder 3.Frame of presser 4.Feed box 5.Guide rail of the feed box

Technical Parameter

Model broadband Power(Kw) Flushing water pressure(Hpa) Compressed air consumption(㎡/min) Compressed air pressure(bar) Area(mm) Raw material moisture content% Moisture content of dregs% CapacityT/D
DLDT1000 1000 2.2 ≥0.5 0.2 4.0 5180*1640*2280 76~90% 50~70 30~40
DLDT1500 1500 3.0 ≥0.5 0.3 4.0 5180*2240*2280 76~90% 50~70 40~50
DLDT2000 2000 4.0 ≥0.5 0.3 4.0 5180*2640*2280 76~90% 50~70 50~70
DLDT2500 2500 5.5 ≥0.5 0.3 4.0 5180*3140*2280 76~90% 50~70 70~90
DLDT3000 3000 7.5 ≥0.5 0.3 4.0 5180*3640*2280 76~90% 50~70 90~120


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